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I have spent my career working to build leaders who lead with intention and purpose, inspire performance, and improve culture. I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, who believes lean processes and tools are not enough...you must embed continuous improvement into the culture (mindset, methods, and structure) of an organization.

My passion for Lean Leadership stems from these central themes in my life:

  • Employees learn "what" and "how" but often fail to internalize and grasp the "why".
  • The more purposeful you approach life, the more you see positive change.
  • Looking beyond what you "see" will challenge you to create the exceptional!

Specialty Areas


Learn how to build a lean culture by implementing some of the best practices to drive lean thinking and behavior throughout an organization. You cannot change what you are but you can change what you do.


I am a certified trainer for Exceptional Leaders Lab. ELL provides progressive leadership development training for high performance leaders. Content includes Why People Do what They Do, 4 Conversations Leaders Must Get Right, Leadership Humility, Leading the Generations, and more.


Lean facilitation is my strong suit. My passion for problem solving drives me to challenge traditional solutions and approaches.

None of us is as smart as all of us.
— Ken Blanchard


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