Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work

One easy way to prioritize your work is to have leader standard work. This is a Lean Six Sigma concept that helps leaders form habits, ensuring standard processes are in place and consistently followed. Staff need about 95% of their job standardized. Leaders should have 10% to 15% standardized. Leader standard work and help shape a proactive management style that will not only empower your people, but will help you maintain this ability of the overall health of the organization. 

To build a lean culture, leaders must make sure they are consistent over time in their message and approach. The keys to forming and maintaining good leadership habits is repetition, so that they become a natural way of doing things for you. You cannot convey these good habits through email, calls or conferences. You must demonstrate that.

Part of leader standard work comes in the daily and monthly activities we perform, such as month-end reports, or end of shift activities. A second key part is modeling behavior to your staff. By shifting your mindset from one of issuing commands, directing and solving problems for your team, to one of asking questions, showing interest, and coaching, you are creating a culture empowering teams to solve problems for themselves. In turn, this allows leaders to spend their time more efficiently.

Leader standard work can create alignment, build consistency, improve management and shift from reactive to proactive management style. Over the next several weeks, i will illustrate some examples of leader standard work that anyone could implement. 

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