Keep Your Focus

Life can throw you many curve balls. You may have stress at work, stress at home, deadlines, children to nurture, activities, marriage, illness, family drama, etc. All of these things can keep you busy; keep your mind racing or even cause you anxiety. In the rat race of today it can be easy to get off track or overwhelmed. 

Above all you have to keep your focus. 
How to keep focused is what I've been focusing on lately. Here are some thoughts:

Reflect. Take a few minutes to reflect on what is important to you. Make sure you do these things everyday. In the end, you will have no regrets that you haven't focused on the other hundred items on your to do list. 

Be present. Keep your work at work and be present when you're in the home. It can be so easy today with all of the technology to stay "plugged in". For me, I made a conscience decision that my son deserved better. He gets my full attention when I'm home and work gets my full attention when I am at work. Granted occasional things come up as I am an administrator but by and large this is my rule. Luckily my work afforded me that. If you're not in that situation you can reflect on this further. Having a healthy work life balance is key to stress relief. 

Recharge. Write down what it is that helps you to recharge. This could be quiet time with yourself, quiet time with God, journaling, exercising, gardening. You get the idea. Find something that helps you stay anchored and do this for a few minutes every day. We all need a release. Something to help is shake off the stresses of the day. 

Don't get me wrong, I am no means completely stress free. These are just some tips that keep me balanced. And when I'm feeling off balance I can refer back to these and reset my direction.  

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