I've been absent quite a long while. My "real job" got so busy I was going home exhausted, mentally. Feeling like my outlet and creativity were derailed. I think this can happen sometimes in life and that is okay. The important thing is to be aware, step back, and refocus. I am doing that now. Goals haven't changed but I needed to re-prioritize and find a work life balance.

Finding balance and stress relief is important for everyone. Some do yoga, read books, have time with family. Maybe your artistic or have a hobby. I enjoy sitting outdoors and reading. Even on a chilly day, I wrap up and come out on the porch to listen to the trees blowing in my woods, the birds, and just being unplugged. For the past few weeks I've been reading a book called Success Under Stress. It has some excellent tools in it to teach you how to get calm, unplug from technology, and maintain your balance. Explaining we are never at our best trying to multitask or attack a problem without full focus. In fact, I planned to share my copy with managers under me, but I've written so many notes in the margins I ordered them their own copy.

I think you should always jot notes in the margins of your books!!

These small tips and tools help remind us how the little things impact the big picture. Just like my story of TenSmith!! Remember your 10% and the impact it has!!

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