Game changer

Whether you participated (I hope you did) in the election or not, there is no question the results are a game changer. I reflect on the process and ponder decisions that are frequently made for us. Over which we have little or no control but to which we must now adjust to and support. We live this everyday. It may be your parents, a spouse, or your leader. Whatever the case, we make adjustments and comply. It is important to remember you must keep the person or group within the position held in high esteem. If you find yourself in disagreement pray for outcomes and a change of mindset that may be necessary within yourself or within them to better ourselves, our organization, our country. Always move forward and make the best of everything!

I reflect on the 90/10 process throughout this experience also. Pondering what was the 10 that was missing from individual campaigns. It isn't necessarily the reality but the perception. What wasn't communicated that was vital to their success? What were they missing or overlooking? That 10% is so vital to the success of the whole (the 90%).

We cannot always agree with the direction that is decided for us. We control us and influence others by our actions - what we choose to live outwardly. We choose!

Remember your TEN and focus on the difference you can make!


Thoughts from MGMA12