What's in a name?

TenSmith was born to help normal, everyday people, figure out the 10. You know what 10 I’m talking about, right? It’s the 10% that makes the 90% mean something. If you’ve ever sat at your desk wondering “why didn’t I think of that” then you know what I’m talking about.

Let me start with why I created this company, TenSmith. One day, in the midst of my daily managerial grind, I encountered a quandary. Dilemmas are nothing new for any manager; nonetheless, this dilemma presented a very interesting learning experience. Details spared to protect all parties, but it all began in an endeavor to document a position description. The problem was neither the process nor its content, it was that little assumption of, if 90% is this, the other 10% is that. This is where things get interesting. While trying to figure out where I went wrong, I discovered, things are really never about what gets documented, described, or discussed. It is more about what was not. It is not about the 90, it was about the 10!

What 10% are you overlooking? What will that mean for you? Join me back here from time to time and let’s discuss what the 10 is for you and me. Maybe we can make some meaningful changes!
In the meantime, make the 10 count!